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Ain't Gonna Take Your Bait

Camper Van Demo


Live Version

Live (and fast!) @ The Harlequin Fayre 13514 UCC (2013)




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Aint Gonna Take Your Bait-Lyrics on Scribd



The Story of 'Ain't Gonna Take Your Bait'

Since I've been on the road I often meet up with other musicians at the beach or wherever for a jam. And usually of course the company and the environment can lead to a party atmosphere developing almost instantly. However much you've promised yourself to "be good" for a while and "just say no" it's just too hard sometimes!

So this tune is very tongue in cheek of course but also loosely based on reality. I could have written verses about many types of "drugs", especially some of the more insidious ones we are inflicted with these days such as sugar, wheat (gluten) & dairy, MSG or aspartame. But I'm sure that whatever "drugs" I could have referenced instead of the ones used here the tune always would have ended up focused on a little lady,

Because after all, fun with the opposite sex IS in my experience, can be the biggest drug of all!

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