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The Golden Age

(and the 'Great Year')


Video filmed by Oscar Turner


Camper Van Demo




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(9th February 2013 Gregorian)

Golden Age Lyrics by Litmus A Freeman



The Story of 'The Golden Age'

Yuga Cycle

This song is inspired by my voyage of discovery about what Plato termed 'The Great Year', what the Hindus call 'The Yuga Cycle' but what western science merely refers to as 'The Precession of the Equinox'. I became fascinated by this subject when developing the 'Universal Community Calendar' (UCC). In particular when we consider what the true 'common era' year actually is (I mean, it's certainly not really only 2013 is it!), the precession cycle is a very useful clock.

Precession was not a new concept to me, I first became aware of the significance of the cycle several years ago reading Graham Hancock's excellent book 'Heaven's Mirror'. However at that time the cause of precession was attributed to the wobble of the earth's axis due to "lunisolar" affects. This is still the accepted mainstream theory today, although it is referred to as if it is proven scientific fact, mainly it seems because the theory was put forward by Newton!

However there is a much older explanation from the Hindus, especially Sri Yukteswar Giri in his 1894 book 'The Holy Science' (which I was tipped off about by Michael of Bernicia). Here he explains the ancient knowledge that our sun has a binary star and that it is the orbits of these two stars around each other, once every 24,000 years which causes precession.He also outlines how this motion leads to the rise and fall of our levels of consciousness over the 24,000 year cycle.

This makes sense when we consider that everything in our universe goes in cycles.Levels of light rise and fall through night & day due to the cycle of the rotation of the earth.And levels of warmth rise and fall through the seasons due to the cycle of the rotation of the earth around the sun on it's tilted axis.

This whole topic is outlined very well by Walter Cruttenden in his recent book 'Lost Star' (a highly recommended read!).He also made the 'Great Year' documentary which you can see below


You can also review all the supporting evidence for this binary star theory at Walter's Binary Research Institute website

We are currently in year 13,514 of the 24,000 year cycle, starting from the peak of the last Golden Age, so this is the year I used for our new Calendar (detailed Wiki here). But anyway, whatever the cause of precession turns out to be proven to be, the main point regarding my song here is that I find the concept of a returning Golden Age very uplifting. It resonates with me with an awareness of forgotten truth and scientifically explains how ancient peoples could have accomplished the amazing things they did. I mean, are we really expected to believe that construction of the enormous number of massive ancient megaliths was achieved with slaves, donkeys and logs of wood??

I certainly feel in my heart that we are spinning back towards The Golden Age, and I hope my song and this story stimulate you enough to do your own research into this fascinating topic

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