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My Back Yard

 'Vacant Lot' home studio demo (1998 Gregorian): Joining me (Vocals / Lead Guitar / Drum Programming) are

Bass-Martin Hynes, Rhythm Guitar-Scott Wheatley, Drums-Roland (The Drum Machine!)

Also available on the Vacant Lot SoundCloud Page here




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(28/12/1997 Gregorian)

My Back Yard-Lyrics on Scribd



The Story of 'My Back Yard'

This one is based on that 'NIMBY' ('Not In My Back Yard') phrase, which for example relates to people not wanting travelling people staying near their homes.This is often through ignorance or a lack of understanding about what these people are really like,or more often because they are scared about what might happen to their neighbourhood because of fear-mongering created by the mainstream media.

But if they take some time to meet and talk to these guys (I am now one of them!) they'll usually find they're just decent normal people like themselves, who just choose to live in a different way. But sadly this rarely happens and instead we get the assumptions, prejudices and conflict that the system loves inflicted upon us

" don't say no, no no never no way, in my back yard..."

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