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No More! (It Doesn't Have To Be Like That)

C-amp-er Van Demo

(Recorded DI through the amp)


Live Version

Live @ The Harlequin Fayre, Great Britain 13514 UCC (2013 Gregorian)




© Project Freeman Music - 13 to 20 Virgoā™¨ 13513 UCC

(2nd to 9th September 2012 Gregorian)


Through history the 'Royalty', in ignorance we all obeyed

They told us from God's name their power came, building monuments where we all prayed

And said the royal 'We' “depend on me, to save you from the hoards abroad”

In dependency we failed to see we were dying by Their cousins bloody sword


But as our numbers grew the royals knew, they had to find a better way

To keep control of every soul, and find a better God to whom we'd pray

'Cause as the years went by our people died, fighting in their family wars

But there were those that cried “we've all been lied to, they've stolen all the land and we're all poor”



But it doesn't have to be like, it doesn't have to be like

it doesn't have to be like that no more

it doesn't have to be like, doesn't have to be like

it doesn't have to be like that...


They saw the human seed was sowed with greed, and many of us could be bought

The aristocracy were proof you see, given all the land that they all sought

In return to be their military and Lord it on the 'serfs' below

Who'd be the fodder for those family wars, paying tax to work the land that the gentry 'owned'


And for their royal rules they founded schools, for the family trees of aristocracies

Which came to be, corporately, by royal charter, universities

And from the wide country to the cramped cities, the people flocked - the likes of you and me

Working to their knees in factories, or down a deep dark mine where it was hard to see


It didn't have to be like, it didn't have to be like

it didn't have to be like that no more

it didn't have to be like, didn't have to be like

it didn't have to be like that...


Overtime the corporate crime was chartered in the form of banks

And from the Corporate Sole that charged our toll, the Aggregate was formed to swell their ranks

And so it came to be, 'society' and the system that we serve today

Where the life you're shown is what you own, working for the banksters debts to pay


Keep working hard and play your cards, if you want to win the game

It's 'Monopoly from the powers that be so they don't have to do the bloody same

It's a family game in all but name and the banker always seems to win

But austerity for you and me and you'd better beg Their priest to absolve your sins


Repeat Chorus


So we were lost at sea to slavery, our parents never were to know

Gave us as assets; free, to the company, for a certificate of birth - receipt to show

And now They feed us N.E.W.S to mould our views, dumbed by all the bloody mess

Never Ending Work & Servitude, Never Ending Worry, War & Stress


Yeah we were born and raised to be Their slaves but we're learning how to see the truth

And I'm here to say “don't be that way”, take time to search and find the proof

Then you'll find the way to save your day and claim your right to liberty

Say NO!, be brave, with Love behave,


Realise that we are all born free

Free your body, physically

Free your mind and you will see

That YOU can set your spirit free 'cause


Repeat Chorus to end




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The Story of 'No More!'

This one was written in three separate chunks while I was hanging out in the Olot area of Catalunya

It's a summary of how I see the system has developed over the years since the days when The Crown overtly ran everything under its 'Corporation Sole', through to the dominance of the 'Corporations Aggregate' (see the "Person" pages for descriptions & definitions) that we have today via the formation of the first "Chartered" institutions; the universities, and the East India Company and the like, and of course the Bank of England in the 1600's.

The lands of Great Britain and later all the 'territories' claimed in the name of the crown under the guise of the British Empire have been stolen by force from their indigenous inhabitants, who have either been wiped out or coerced through the 'legal person' (again, see the "Person" pages for info) into serving the corporate masters. But "it doesn't have to be like that no more".

Many of us now are waking up to what has been done via the to date undisputed and bogus claims of conquest (see 'The Land Scam' pages) and realising that we can take the power back peacefully and with it the freedom to live, share property and enjoy the liberty that has always been our inalienable right under natural law

New communities have now been formed to do just that under the umbrella of the Universal Community Trust (UCT), mine being one I've set up for traveling musicians which I've called the Troubadour Community Trust (TCT), which any travelling minstrels are welcome to join. You can find links to more info about the UCT, together with downloadable Trust files that you can use to join and/or set up your own trust, from my TCT page

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