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"US" Constitution Law & Criminal Procedure

constitutional law


"UK" Constitution



Magna Carta (1215)

Note: This British Library translation of the original 1215 contract whilst useful, is preceded by advice that some clauses "...were omitted in all later reissues of the charter...". Although this is apparently an historic fact it also demonstrates that 'The Crown' has arbitrarily amended documents without the agreement of the other parties to the original accord, thereby of course rendering such amendments invalid under law

Magna Carta (1297)

The first "statute", which removed many key clauses (articles) from the original 1215 document without, as far as we know, the consent of the barons

Article 61-TPUC

Blog by John: Harris about Article 61 (of the original 1215 Magna Carta) and his interpretation of how it may be used by free men

Lisbon Treaty V Magna Carta

Daily Telegraph article


United Kingdom Wiki

Sovereign State Wiki

Constitution Wiki

Constitutional Monarchy Wiki

(This is what the "UK" is meant to be)

Parliamentary System Wiki


Coronation Oath Act 1688

The Petition of Right 1627

Texts of the Acts at the statute law database


The Act of Settlement and the Protestant

Coronation Oath

Royal Marriages - Constitutional Issues

House of Commons Library Briefing Notes


A Bill of Rights for the UK? - Human Rights Joint Committee

Parliamentary Memo - but don't forget, we already HAVE a Bill of Rights

The Justice System & The Constitution


A Case For Treason

BBC 5 Clip about the conspiracy to give "UK" sovereignty away

(NB Project Freeman does not support "nationalism" in any way)


The Hidden Roots of the European Union - Henrik Palmgren - Pt 1




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