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the land is ours



Land Value Taxation Campaign

A great idea for as long as we have the current unfair system of land holding

Mostly because of this lot:

List of Dukedoms - Wiki

Other Useful Links


uk agriculture

Agriculture Overview

Agricultural Land Use

Agricultural Labour Force

Common Land - Wiki

Common Land & Village Greens

Common Land & The Commons Act 2006

Enclosure - Wiki

land registry

Land Registry - House Prices

Land Ownership Blog (2006)

"Magic" Interactive Land Maps (from Defra)

natural england

Natural England - Open Access Land

self build


The Residential Land Price Scam



(I agree with John!)

see why on slides 17 to 19 of the "Land Scam" page

Global Land Resources & Population Supporting Capacity

(9 to 20 billion)

World Population - Wiki

World Population Data - Google


(last update 5th December 2011)

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