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4th ONE-Aries♈ 13516 UCC


(26th March 2015 Gregorian)

Freeing The Mind, Freeing The Man

Dr. Rock Radio Show No.159

Live conversation with Ben Aur about life on the road, music, inspiration, breaking free of calendars that control, Euro debt, astronomy, astrology, and freeing the mind and spirit.

Also the first airplay for the new songs:

Feeding the Machine & Lost Without Love

(This is my edit of Ben's show. See Show #159 "Litmus: Freeing The Mind, Freeing The Man" on the Dr. Rock site)

Other Links Mentioned During The Show

Universal Community (now Celestial) Calendar

'Serf to Self'

The Land Scam

The Euro Scam

De-registration of 'Private Conveyances'*

The Moving of Mars

Symbols of An Alien Sky

The Great Year

*Note: The reason for the French registration mentioned in the show is to ensure validity of French insurance. There is no "road tax" in France so registration does not result in funding unwanted government activities as it does in the "UK"

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