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Phase 3 - Implementation

Further Research


Further 'Freeman' Research During Phase 3

Blood Dynasties

Business Dynasties

Council Corporations

Demo's, Protests & Immigration

The Euro Scam

Freedom of Travel

Her Majesty's Finances

The Land Scam - 1 Land

The Land Scam - 2 Dwellings

The Land Scam - 3 Homelessness

Natural, Human Rights

Registration of Birth

How 'Royal' families acquired & control territory through Wars & Weddings

How BANKSTERS own most of the world's assets

What exactly is a Borough City or District 'Council'

Why the state loves Protests and Immigration

How the euro has been used to increase levels of debt slavery in Europe

What is 'The Schengen Zone'?

How HM's 'UK Corp' generates lots of DEBT for the banksters & appears to be in administration

How Britain is an occupied territory & its land is controlled

How the  system keeps the cost of homes artificially high

How just 10% of the empty premises in Britain would house ALL the homeless

Our NATURAL RIGHTS irrespective of State or Government

More on why Registration of Birth is NOT necessary and who is really behind i


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